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AF-1.5, AF-2.6
5" drivers by Voxativ
The Voxativ 5“ units have been developed by us to fit smaller speaker systems. They are called AF-1.5/2.6 and are the heart of Voxativ Hagen monitors. These do have the same quality features as the famous Voxativ 8“ drivers.

These are:

Full and rich sound that remains smooth over the complete listing band
Frequency response up to 20 KHz
Bass response down to 60 Hz (depending on the used housing)
Special CNC milled and anodized basket
The Voxativ AF drivers will perform wonderful in any open baffle designs with woofer add-on or in 2-way combinations. No tweeters are needed.

You can choose between 2 types:

High energy ferrite magnet system that gives 16.500 Gauss with 92,2 dB efficiency at 60Hz, and 96 dB at 3 KHz. See more technical specifications below.

High energy neodymium magnet system that gives 21.500 Gauss with 94 dB efficiency at 60 Hz, and 99 dB at 3 Khz. See more technical specifications below.



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